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Carla Hawkins' Biography

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I was born in Marrietta, Georgia and raised in a military family. My father served 25 years in the United States Air Force. My mother would be the primary caregiver to their five children. I'm the oldest of the five, and the introvert. Which is why at an early age I believe I developed a love for both reading and writing. Writing would become my primary passion, having four younger siblings, writing would often times offer me an escape into my own imaginary world. Reading afforded me a similar form of escapism as well.

However, I'd ultimately table that passion and begin a career in fire services with Orange County Fire and Rescue in Orlando Florida. This career would span over three decades.

I'd marry my smart and handsome husband, together we'd raise three amazing children. We'd both retire after a combined 62 years of service with the Fire Department.

Upon retiring I'd rekindle my love of writing, and in September of 2020 while in the midst of a global pandemic, my first book; Heaven's Door would be birthed. Heaven's Door was sparked by a poem I read of a woman reminiscing about her loyal canine companion and the fun times they shared, as well as my sister's love of her large furry friend and protector "King"and the reality of one day having to say goodbye.

 It's a short read, but speaks to one's heart of compassion.

After reigniting the fire I'd go on to write and publish my second book "In My Own Words" It encompasses my own thoughts and feelings from childhood to the present. It's amazing what we can discover about ourselves when we take the time to be alone with ourselves. Often times we begin to understand why we think and behave the way we do. Those  feelings  of hurt, shame, embarrassment, fear, disappointment, of not  feeling worthy or being good enough, exclusion, etc.  We often attempt to lock those emotions away hoping to never have to deal with them. But the truth is, if we won't/don't deal with them, they manifest in other areas of our lives. Writing"In My Own Words" proved to be both cathartic and an eyeopener; as well as serve to be an emotional release for me. I welcome my readers to take the challenge for themselves! Recognize that purpose is already in you. Just have the faith to believe that...."You Are Enough!"

I hope my books span the globe! Currently

"Heaven's Door" is now available in both Swahili and Spanish! 

Stay tuned for...."So You Wanna Be A Firefighter?"🔥


Happy Reading!

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